Behind COVID-19: The Disease, The Effects and The Treatments

May 26, 2020 - 12:30pm to 1:30pm

If you read the news about COVID-19 enough you may start to get confused about what exactly the disease is. What are the symptoms? What is the difference between mild and severe cases? What happens to the body when COVID-19 develops? What are the the treatments and are they effective? It can be difficult to know what information is accurate as more disinformation from bad actors takes hold of social media. 

Join Duke Science & Society Director, Nita Farahany, as she talks with Dr. Cameron Wolfe - an infections disease specialist and leader of the Duke Remdesivir trial - as we demystify COVID-19 and learn about the disease causing global panic. 


Dr. Cameron Wolfe, MBBS, Associate Professor of Medicine; Clinical Expert In Respiratory and Infectious Disease, Duke University

Dr. Nita Farahany, J.D., Ph.D., Director, Duke Initiative For Science & Society; Professor of Law and Philosophy, Duke University

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