Global War and Disease: The Making of Modern Bodies

April 9, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Erica Charters, Ph.D.

Lunch provided at Noon, Talk begins at 12:10 pm

Erica Charters' talk will show how, during a key period of global warfare across the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, military strategy and medical theory responded to foreign diseases. She will also examine how the experience of colonial war and disease shaped modern understandings of the body, including ideas of race and biology.  

Erica Charters, PhD examines how war and disease intersect with state formation and state power, particularly in colonial contexts. Her 2014 monograph Disease, War, and the Imperial State traces how responses to disease shaped military strategy, medical theory, and the nature of British imperial authority. Her current research focuses on manpower during the eighteenth century, examining the history of bodies as well as the history of methods used to measure and enhance bodies, labour, and population as a whole. 

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