Science Miscommunication: How and Why Corporations Spin Science to Advance their Agenda, and What We Can Do About It

April 10, 2019 - 7:30pm to 9:00pm
Dr. Jory Weintraub

Just as quickly as scientists in the 50s started to uncover links between cigarettes and human disease, tobacco companies started to produce and promote their own versions of “science” to counter medical evidence.  Their methods for doing this were so successful that corporations, lobbyists and interest groups have continued to employ this playbook to spin science in ways that advance their agenda, right up through today.  In this Dinner Dialogue we’ll explore and discuss how the strategies developed by tobacco companies in the 50s continue to be applied in “controversial” areas of current science, such as climate change, vaccines and even evolution.

Join Dr. Weintraub for dinner and discussion at this Science and Society Dinner Dialogue. This event is free to attend and transportation is available if needed. Selected attendees will be notified via email several days in advance of the dinner with details regarding meeting location. 


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