Studying the Science of Science Communication in the Era of Social Media, Fake News and Short Attention Spans

April 18, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Dr. Dietram Scheufele, University of Wisconsin-Madison

How does one big snowstorm (in the middle of the hottest year on record) convince the public to ignore overwhelming scientific consensus and dismiss climate change science as a hoax? Why is actress Jenny McCarthy seemingly more influential with respect to public attitudes about vaccination than 99% of the medical community? What makes so many people think “Frankenfood” when they hear the term GMO? 

Join us at the April SciComm Lunch-and-Learn to hear Dr. Dietram Scheufele, one of the world’s experts on the science of science communication address these questions while discussing his research on science communication strategies and how they affect public decision-making.

Lunch is provided! RSVP required.

Can't attend in person? There will be a live stream of the event on our Youtube Channel.

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