Family Health History


Collecting medical history about family members is a standard practice for almost every type of physician. Every one of us has gone through the experience of filling out the forms at the beginning of an office visit. The information about our family members’ health is probably more valuable than many people realize. We share our genes with all of our blood relatives and we also share our environment with our immediate family. Both genes and environment can contribute to our health risks. Therefore, providing this information to doctors can help them better estimate our future disease risks, recommend appropriate screening to catch disease early, and help us to take steps to reduce risks.

August 2017 Family Health History Webinar - Lori Orlando, M.D., M.H.S.

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Family Health History Series

2018 Bass Connections: Enabling Precision Health and Medicine: Family Health History

group photo of the Family Health History sub team from Bass Connections

2018 Bass Connections: Family Health History Wrap-up