Genomic and Precision Medicine Course Available on Coursera

Friday, January 19, 2018
By Alissa Kocer

CAGPM Adjunct Professor Jeanette McCarthy is offering her course, Genomic and Precision Medicine, on Coursera, an education-focused technology company that offers online courses from several colleges and universities across the world. The course starts January 22.

The Genomic and Precision Medicine course will provide participants with some baseline knowledge of genomics, an overview of clinical approaches of genomic medicine, skills to evaluate clinical validity and utility of new tests, and an appreciation of associated ethical and social issues inherent in this field.

McCarthy has offered this course several times since spring 2014 and has had nearly 30,000 registrants over the years. Although the course is geared toward practicing health care providers, it is accessible to people with backgrounds in biosciences and those who have a basic understanding of genetics. “A lot of people working in this space want a refresher in genomics or want to understand the landscape of genetic testing,” McCarthy said.

The course consists of seven lessons. The first two provide a primer on molecular genomics relevant to the individual patient and patient populations. The remaining lessons focus on five applications of genomics presented as case studies to highlight strengths, limitations, and issues that arise in the use of each test.

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