Duke Emergency Department - Respiratory Illness

Research Aims

Participants were enrolled in the Duke Emergency Derpartment with suspected infectious illness, with longitudinal samples and data collections. The overall purpose of this study is to identify biomarkers and aid in the development of better diagnostic tools for patients with acute infectious illness.  

Experimental Design

Subjects: 815

Timepoints: variable up to 3

Sample types: 

  • plasma:7593
  • serum:3119
  • PAXgene RNA:2828
  • RNA total:194
  • nasal lavage:5
  • nasal swab:2391
  • other whole blood:965
  • saliva:1854
  • urine:724


Clinical: CRF/clinical data, demographics, clinical adjudication

Molecular: host blood RNA microarrary, host blood RNAseq, etiology testing