Influenza H3N2 Challenge - 2011 "Cure-before"

Research Aims

Experimental Influenza A (H3N2 A/Wisconsin/67/2005) challenge study in healthy volunteers. The purpose of this study is to investigate the early pre-symptomatic period following exposure to influenza. Participants were inoculated with HRV, and dense, longitudinal sample and data collections were performed spanning pre-inoculation baseline through infection and convalescence. This study included an early treatment group with anti-viral to compare effects of early (day one) versus late (day five) treatment on clinical symptoms and molecular signature response (2011).

Experimental Design

Subjects: 21

Timepoints: 37

Sample types: 

  • pbmc:869
  • plasma:3936
  • serum:163
  • PAXgene RNA:565
  • nasal lavage:845
  • nasal swab:1146
  • saliva:734


Clinical: CRF/clinical data, demographics, symptom surveys, screening data

Molecular: host blood RNA microarray, virus genome seq, plasma and nasal cytokines, plasma and NP wash proteomics, virus quantitative culture, serology