Rhinovirus Challenge - 2010

Research Aims

Experimental Human Rhinovirus (HRV serotype 39) challenge study in healthy volunteers. The purpose of this study is to determine specific biomarker signatures predictive of an impending respiratory illness before the onset of symptoms. Participants were inoculated with HRV or saline control (blinded), and dense, longitudinal sample and data collections were performed spanning pre-inoculation baseline through infection and convalescence. Subjects were enrolled and study was performed at the Duke University (2010).

Experimental Design

Subjects: 30

Timepoints: 21

Sample types:

  • plasma:4421
  • serum:2467
  • PAXgene RNA:1073
  • nasal lavage:1002
  • nasal swab:7
  • saliva:1613


Clinical: CRF/clinical, demographics, symptom survey

Molecular: Blood RNA microarray, nasal wash proteomics, serology, quantitative viral titer