Statin-induced Myopathy

Research Aims

This pilot study enrolled patients with and without a history of statin-associated myopathy in order to collect a skeletal muscle biopsy and blood for ex vivo testing.  The primary study aims are 1) to characterize myobundle performance in patients with and without a history of statin-induced myopathy, and 2) to identify molecular changes associated with ex vivo statin-induced myopathy.  

Experimental Design

Subjects: 42

Timepoints: 2

Sample types:

  • plasma:135
  • PAXgene RNA:123
  • whole blood, EDTA:41
  • fresh tissue:557


Clinical: Demographics, comorbidities, meds, lab data, tissue-engineered myobundle muscle force and immunofluorescence data

Molecular: Plasma metabolomics, tissue-engineered myobundle and media metabolomics