Educational Resources for Providers

Many health care providers are interested in practicing precision medicine, but lack practical information. Knowing when a test is indicated, how to choose a laboratory test, how to interpret results and communicate them with patients, and where to find information about cost and reimbursement are all important aspects of precision medicine in practice. In this section, we provide answers to some very basic questions that providers may have for various applications of precision medicine. 

General Resources about Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine Academy

A suite of online courses on different topics related to precision medicine by Duke Adjunct Professor Jeanette McCarthy.

CDC Office of Public Health Genomics

Provides timely and credible information for the effective and responsible translation of genomics research into population health benefits.

The Jackson Laboratory (JAX)

The Jackson Laboratory is an independent, nonprofit biomedical research organization. Their mission is to discover precise genomic solutions for disease and empower the global biomedical community in our shared quest to improve human health. The Clinical and Continuing Education Program (CCEP) at The Jackson Laboratory helps prepare clinicians for precision medicine by training them to apply relevant, clinically actionable genomics at the point of care. CCEP collaborates with healthcare providers and organizations to develop a wide range of learning opportunities, from in-person workshops to 15-minute online CME courses.

Genetic and Genomic Competency Center (G2C2)

An online repository of genomics educational materials, including peer-reviewed collections for genetic counselors, nurses, pharmacists, physician assistants, and physicians. A professional editorial board curates every resource and resources are mapped to discipline-specific genomic competencies. G2C2 is part of the National Human Genome Research Institute's effort to address the growing need among health care professionals for knowledge in genomics.

Genomic Medicine: A Decade of Successes, Challenges, and Opportunities, (2013)

McCarthy, McLeod and Ginsburg, Science Translational Medicine
This state-of-the-art review provides a comprehensive summary of current and future applications of genomics in medicine and discusses the major challenges and roadblocks to implementing genomic medicine in practice.

 JAMA Genomics theme issue, (2013)

Special issue on the 10th anniversary of the completion of the Human Genome project, with articles highlighting the science of medicine, application of genomics to the clinic and ethical issues.

Genomic and Personalized Medicine, 2nd Edition (2012) 

Ginsburg and Willard, eds
In this two-volume book, leading experts review the development of the new science, the current opportunities for genome-based analysis in healthcare, and the potential of genomic medicine in future healthcare. The inclusion of the latest information on diagnostic testing, population screening, disease susceptibility, and pharmacogenomics makes this work an ideal companion for the many stakeholders of genomic and personalized medicine.

Regulation of Genetic Tests 

The National Human Genome Research Institute has developed a primer on the regulation of genetic tests.

Video Educational Resources

Genomic and Precision Medicine on Coursera

This free online 7-week course aims to educate the health care workforce in the field of genomic and precision medicine. Materials also available through the UCSF website.

Precision Medicine: Unlocking Biological Mysteries, (2015) 

The Scientist brings together a panel of experts to highlight some of the exciting areas where precision medicine is pushing the boundaries of science, technology, and therapy.

Decoding DNA: New Twists and Turns, (2013) 

The Scientist takes a bold look at what the future holds for DNA research, bringing together senior investigators and key leaders in the field of genetics and genomics in this 3-part webinar series including: What's Next in Next-Generation Sequencing?; Unraveling the Secrets of the Epigenome; and The Impact of Personalized Medicine.

NHGRI Genomics in Medicine lecture series (2012-2014) 

This annual series by top experts in genomics will enhance health-care professionals' understanding of the intersection between genomics and medicine. Covers genomics in inflammation, ADD, Parkinson’s, neuromuscular disease, other. 

 Websites & Links

Genetics/Genomics Competency Center (G2C2)

A free, Web-based repository of peer reviewed curricular materials on genetics and genomics designed for all healthcare providers.

NHGRI Health Professionals Page

National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI)
Provides reliable, up-to-date genetics and genomics information related to patient management, curricular resources, new National Institutes of Health and NHGRI research activities, and ethical, legal and social issues.

Genetics Education for Healthcare 

UK NHS National Genetics Education and Development Centre
This page provides tools and information to support learners, educators and clinicians in the delivery of genomic medicine. Excellent primers on genomic concepts, lesson plans, as well as practical information for health care providers.