Cancer is one of the most high profile areas to benefit from genomic medicine. From assessing risk of hereditary cancer to profiling tumors to inform treatment, precision medicine is impacting cancer care.  

The Duke Cancer Genetics and Genomics program has two major aims:

  1. To foster interactions and collaborations around cancer genetics and genomics in the Duke Cancer Institute (DCI).
  2. To promote sharing of expertise in computational and functional genomics in the DCI. 

The program serves to coordinate DCI research activities related to cancer genetics, epigenetics, gene expression and application of genomic technologies to assay alterations in cancer genomes, epigenomes and transcriptomes.

For more information, contact the program directors, Dr. Sandeep Dave or Dr. Simon Gregory.


  • Learn how precision medicine is expanding treatment options.
  • The NCI has a tutorial on targeted cancer therapy, including a list of all FDA approved targeted cancer therapies and information about clinical trials for targeted therapies.
  • My Cancer Genome from the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center offers a physician-friendly tool to search for tumor markers, their therapeutic implications and available clinical trials. It currently contains information on 25 genes in 17 different cancers.