Beyond a Million Genomes: From Discovery to Precision Health

January 21, 2020 - 4:00pm to January 25, 2020 - 11:00pm

High-throughput genotyping and DNA sequencing technologies have enabled a deeper understanding of the genetic basis of human health and disease. These genomic insights offer huge opportunities for the development and implementation of more targeted therapies and preventive strategies, known as precision health. This meeting will focus on rapidly advancing and emerging areas of precision health, emphasizing the path from discovery to clinical implementation. 

The Symposium will begin with the state of our current knowledge of the allelic architecture of human disease and how this knowledge is being translated into clinical practice. Sessions will cover discovery and translational advances in Mendelian diseases, rare human gene knock-outs and common multifactorial diseases. The challenges and opportunities of big data analysis and integration, such as examining large genomic databases linked to electronic health record data, will be addressed. Other topics will include translating cancer genomics to clinical advances, workshops on clinical interpretation of germline and somatic mutations, pharmacogenomics, and the role of human genomics for novel therapeutic development. Finally, we will look beyond human sequence variation to consider the role of epigenomics, the microbiome, and environment and lifestyle in precision health. 

The unifying theme of this Symposium is to bridge basic human genomic discovery to clinical implementation, with the goal of attracting and engaging a broad multidisciplinary audience.


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