Duke PMCoP engages research programs to enhance project success

Tuesday, October 9, 2018
By Alissa Kocer

In an effort to provide project teams with additional resources to address common team challenges and needs, Bass Connections is partnering with the Duke Project Management Community of Practice (PMCoP) for a Bass Connections Project Management Series.

Co-founded by Tim Veldman and CTSI members Lynn Sutton, Jean Bolte, and Vonda Rodriguez, Duke PMCoP provides professional development and a professional network for project managers; education and opportunities for students, faculty and staff; and a repository for best practices, tools and resources in project management. Launched in Oct 2017, Duke PMCoP now boasts more than 350 members.

The Bass Connections Project Management Series will include short, practical sessions to address common team challenges. All faculty and students in leadership positions may attend any of the sessions.

“PMCoP is providing real value for the Bass Connections program,” Veldman said, “and the partnership is an exemplar of how PMCoP can have an impact through engagement and collaboration across campus where project management gaps exist.”

The next session will be held Thursday, October 11 via WebEx.