Ricardo Henao Earns 2020 DIHI Innovation Award

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Ricardo Henao, assistant professor of biostatistics and bioinformatics, was among several principal investigators to receive this year's Innovation Awards from the Duke Institute of Health Innovation (DIHI). 

DIHI supports high-potential innovation projects in the areas of novel strategies to improve value of care delivery, enhance provider and staff experience and well-being enhance patient engagement and experience, and accelerate population health solutions and strategies. 

Eleven projects were selected by a panel of Duke Health leaders from more than 65 applications. Henao and his team won for their project, "Dermatology Clinical Decision Support in Primary Care."

In addition to providing funding to advance the selected projects, DIHI will work with various Duke Health and Duke University partners to provide access to data, analytics, statistical analysis, machine learning and AI resources, while driving project and implementation management. 

“In the rapidly changing health care environment we need to leverage the talent and creative thinking at Duke to deliver care and improve health in new and innovative ways now more than ever,” said William Fulkerson, MD, executive vice president of the Duke University Health System and executive director of DIHI. “The exceptional quality of applications this year speaks to the collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to health care improvement championed by our providers, staff and trainees at Duke Health." 

Other DIHI Innovation Projects and Principal Investigators this year include

  • Machine Learning for Early Identification and Management of Pulmonary Embolism
    ​Schuyler Jones, M.D.; Hope Weissler, M.D.; Alexander Sullivan, M.D.; Talal Dahhan, M.D.; Kishan Parikh, M.D.; Terry Fortin, M.D.; Alexander Limkakeng, M.D.; Samuel Francis, M.D.; Jason Katz, M.D.; Timothy Amrhein, M.D.; William Ratliff, MBA; William Knechtle, MHA, MBS; Michael Gao; Armando Bedoya, M.D., MMCi; and Manesh Patel, M.D. 
  • Dermatology Clinical Decision Support in Primary Care
    Meenal Kheterpal, M.D.; Ricardo Henao, Ph.D.; Kevin Shah, M.D.; Meng Xia; Samantha Wong; Christine Park; and Arsh Patel
  • A Population Health Strategy for NAFLD using an E-Consult Platform and NLP
    Yuval Patel, M.D.; Andrew Muir, M.D.; Devdutta Sangvai, M.D., MBA; Blake Cameron, M.D.; Momen Wahidi, M.D., MBA; Chad Mather, M.D., MBA; and Mustafa Bashir, M.D.
  • Using Xealth to Manage Population Health and Engage Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease
    Blake Cameron, M.D., MBI; Ebony Boulware, M.D., MPH; Matt Roman, MHA, MMCi; Anisha Chandiramani, M.D.; David Claxton, MMCi; Patti Ephraim, MPH; Kevin Shah, M.D., MBA; Tara Kinard, RN, M.S., MBA; and Dev Sangvai, M.D., MBA 
  • Transforming Epilepsy Surgery with Augmented Reality
    Muhammad Zafar, M.D.; Abhi Kapuria, M.D.; and Matthew Vestal, M.D., MBA
  • A Unified Framework for Predicting Bacteremia and Interpreting Blood Culture Results
    Christopher R. Polage, M.D., MAS; Deverick Anderson, M.D.; Cara O’Brien, M.D.; Raquel R. Bartz, M.D., MMCi; Brian Griffith, M.D.; Jill Engle, DNP; Daniel Gilstrap, M.D.; Justin Silverman, Ph.D.; Mark Sendak, M.D., MPP; Sarah Lewis, M.D., MPH; Becky Smith, M.D.; Jennifer Saullo, M.D., Pharm.D.; and Rebekah Moehring, M.D., MPH
  • A predictive model for assisted triage of traumatic brain injury
    Timothy Dunn, Ph.D.; Mike Haglund, M.D., Ph.D.; Anthony Fuller, M.D.; Brian Burrows, M.D.; Steven Cook, M.D.; and David Carlson, Ph.D.
  • A Virtual Operating Room Hub to facilitate peri-operative communication
    Robert Qi, M.D.; Ro Tejwani, M.D., M.S.; and Wendy Webster, MBA
  • Development of a Maternal Early Warning System Using Machine Learning
    Courtney Mitchell, M.D., Ph.D.; Brenna Hughes, M.D.; Ashraf Habib, MBBCh, M.Sc.; Terrence Allen, MBBS; Mark Sendak, M.D., MPP; Cara O’Brien, M.D.; William Ratliff, MBA; and William Knechtle, MBA, MPH
  • Development and Implementation of a Hospital at Home Program in Wake County
    Vidhya Aroumougame, M.D., MBA; David Zaas, M.D., MBA; Adia Ross, M.D., MHA; and Mike Spiritos, M.D.
  • Using a Mortality Risk Predictor Model for Advance Care Planning via a Transitions of Care Toolkit
    Amanda Bisset, M.D.; J. Trig Brown, M.D., MPH; and Aparna Kamath, M.D., M.S.