Precision Health and Medicine Bass Connections Team

CAGPM has partnered with Bass Connections to form the Enabling Precision Health and Medicine Bass Connections team.

Students will be immersed in team-based experiential learning environments to research and design clinical tests to meet real-world needs of patients in the Duke Health System. The teams will provide students with rich learning experiences in the areas of precision health and medicine essential to the development and translation of new clinical tools.

2020-2021 Team

2020-2021 Bass Connections TeamThe 2020-2021 Enabling Precision Health & Medicine Bass Connections Team will analyze data from the 2019-2020 pilot WearDuke study, assist with recruitment efforts for the 2020-2021 year, and complete a review of the use of mHealth technologies in children and young adults for wellness. They presented this work at the 2021 Fortin Foundation Bass Connections Virtual Showcase on April 16th. In response to campus changes implemented due to the novel coronavirus, plans for the expanded pilot study were revised. Currently, the study is open to all students, regardless of location (on campus or remote) or year (undergraduate, graduate and professional).  See Project Description on Bass Connections Team page.

2019-2020 Team

The 2019-2020 Enabling Precision Health & Medicine Bass Connections Team will work to develop the infrastructure for the WearDuke Initiative – a campus initiative that will use digital-based wearable technologies to help students monitor their health-related behaviors and establish healthy habits that will benefit them both at Duke and beyond.

In fall 2019, the team will launch a pilot study in one residence hall focused on sleep behaviors to assess the feasibility of the project. They will monitor enrollment, drop-out rates and participation levels over the school year. They will also work to expand and improve the companion-based app developed by the 2018-2019 Bass Connections team and develop educational resources and interventions to prepare for the second, larger pilot study in fall 2020.

2018-2019 Team

The 2018-19 Precision Health & Medicine Bass Connections Teams will focus on the challenges in developing applications to support healthy living and improve patient care. The project team will be split into two sub-teams.

Team 1 will develop the infrastructure for a new campus initiative to promote health awareness and engagement, establish healthy behaviors, and enable student-centered research and learning opportunities. The initiative will initially focus on sleep behaviors and health. The team will work on the selection of a web/app-based platform to enable collection of sleep and demographic data and dissemination of educational content and activities to promote healthy sleep behavior for a select group of students.

Team 2 will assess public awareness, perceived value, and usability of MeTree, a digital family health history software platform that was recently integrated into the Duke electronic health record. They will develop novel research projects to better understand opportunities for expansion and potential barriers to utilization by different patient populations.

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